General Conditions-Privacy

General Conditions

Video Language Network, LLC., is a commercial entity located at 400 4th Ave. South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701, registered in the state of Florida, United States and owner of the website domain

The prices of all of the products and services offered through this website are established in Euros - €. These prices are subject to taxation which, in accordance with Florida/US legislation is applicable to services offered through the internet. There are no mailing costs due to the fact that materials are delivered electronically.

1.- OBJECTIVE: The objective or purpose of the is to offer the public an information service for learning and teaching English as a foreign language and the sale, via email, video based English lessons as a basis for studying said language, made available to the public by Video Language Network, LLC.

2.-COPYRIGHT: The information contained on the present webpage can only be viewed, downloaded and printed by the user for information; it is forbidden to use it for commercial motives without previous written authorization from Video Language Network, LLC who reserve all rights over the same. No licenses are awarded for intellectual property rights regarding or third party content.

The Video Language Network customer or user is not authorized to resell, or make copies which are not for personal use, nor change in any way, nor distribute, nor publish any product or information acquired from the web page, audio files, or logotypes, photographs, drawings, commercial brands, nor any other contents obtained through the web page. Nor will he/she be able to grant permits of this kind to any other person.

The creation of links to the website from other sites is authorized. Deep links to this web page are strictly forbidden, as well as the establishment of frames which contain the web page and allow the viewing of its contents through a different internet site, regardless of whether or not details are viewed with unrelated content.

3.- BROWSING AND CONTRACTING: Browsing the present website implies the unreserved acceptance on the part of the user of the contents of each and every one of the General Conditions such as the Video Language Network, LLC  Privacy Policy. Also, the contracting of the services offered through this website imply the acceptance on the part of the user of each of every one of the terms included in the General Conditions, which are incorporated in the contract subscribed to by both parties. If the user does not accept the applicable terms of the General Conditions and/or the Privacy Policy they should refrain from browsing the website.

4.- ACCESS: Access to the Internet domain is free for the general public. However some of the services and products offered through the web page are subject to payment of the price stipulated specifically for each of them. The price of each service or product not offered free of charge will be determined and detailed during the contracting procedures of the same.

: Navigation of the web page for general use does not require the user to register on the page.

Those visitors who wish to contract services and products offered by Video Language Network, LLC as well as Newsletter will need to register.

6.- CUSTOMER/USER DATA: All of the information provided by the user through the website must be accurate. On completing forms for the acquisition of products and services offered by Video Language Network, LLC. the user guarantees the authenticity of all data and information given to Video Language Network, LLC. Consequently, the user is exclusively responsible for any false or incorrect information given to Video Language Network, LLC.. or to third parties through the website.

7.- PAYMENT: The payment for services offered by Video Language Network, LLC.. will be made by the customer using the media and payment services offered and provided for this purpose of PayPal either by credit card or through the creation of a user account on the aforementioned website. During the proceedings for the purchase of products and services offered, Video Language Network, LLC. will signal to the user when they are required to access the web page PayPal, in order to complete the process for the acquisition of the desired services, paying through the aforementioned website.

In this way the user consents to and unequivocally accepts, without reservation, the role of PayPal as an intermediary in the payment process, or as an administrator for the collection of payment for products acquired on this website; and declares expressly and unreservedly the understanding and honorable acceptance of the conditions of use of this payment method and the privacy policy which has been established by PayPal.

The use of the system of payment referred to is absolutely necessary for the fulfillment and the correct carrying out of each and every purchase agreement and/or use of services between the user and Video Language Network, LLC.

In order to offer our products at the lowest price possible, our products are non refundable.

8.- USE OF THE WEBSITE: The user of the present website must make appropriate and ethical use of the same at all times, according to the law, to the rules established in the stated general conditions, enforced by law commonly accepted as good custom. Each user should act diligently and prudently at all times.

The user must not use this website for purposes that may be illicit or detrimental to the legitimate rights and interests of Video Language Network, LLC.. and/or any other persons or entities, nor for purposes that are violent, racist, that compromise gender equality, seek to harm minors and/or young people, which may imply a health risk and/or a physical risk to other users, that may be insulting, slanderous, discriminatory, offensive, degrading, dangerous, pornographic, which undermine intellectual or industrial copyright, the right to fairness, to personal or familial privacy, the image of third parties, nor for promotional or advertising purposes whether for oneself or third parties.

The user must not falsify his/her identity, nor try to pass for another person, or representatives or employees from Video Language Network, LLC. and must not request or collect personal information related to other users.

In a case in which a user detects a third party committing any illegal act through the web page or in any way violating these general conditions, Video Language Network, LLC. strongly encourages the user to immediately notify the occurrence of said action, specifying the particular violation detected.

Video Language Network, LLC.. is not obliged in any way to monitor the use that users make of Video Language Network, LLC. is not obliged to guarantee, and does not guarantee under any circumstances that users make ethical use of the present website according to the law and in accordance with the rules established in the general conditions. As such Video Language Network, LLC. does not take responsibility for possible damage caused by the actions of users in relation to this web page to other users or any third parties. Each user is exclusively responsible for the use he/she makes of this website, as well as for the contents that he/she might purchase, store, display or make available by it.

9.- MINORS: Purchases by minors on the website requires prior consent on the part of their parents, guardians or legal representatives, who have the obligation to monitor and in this case restrict the access of minors to contents and materials in the websites they visit. Parents, guardians and legal representatives of those minors who visit the website are directly responsible for each and every act carried out on the part of minors in their care. There are no areas of restricted access prohibited for people under the age of eighteen (18) on this website.

10.-RESPONSIBILITY: Video Language Network, LLC. is not responsible for possible harm users could suffer as a consequence of interference, delays, omissions, interruptions, viruses, breakdown, failures or overload on lines, broken connections, blocks or delays in the functioning of the electronics; nor as a consequence of the possible damage caused by third parties through illegal tampering.

This website provides links to websites which are considered of interest to users. With no intended prejudice, there is no guarantee of the quality of those links, nor any assumption of responsibility for the contents of these. Any user using external links does so exclusively at his/her responsibility.

The opinions expressed  by those interviewed in our video lessons  are solely theirs and do not reflect any opinions of,  or agreement by Video Language Network, LLC and .

11.-US LEGISLATION: The present general conditions are governed by US legislation. Both parties agree to submit to the Court of the state of Florida, for the resolution of any discrepancy, controversy or vicissitude that might arise in connection with the interpretation and/or execution of these general conditions, expressly renouncing any other code of law that could correspond to him/her.

Privacy Policy

1.- In accordance with the law of the United States and the state of Florida, Video Language Network, LLC.  informs all users of this website that there exists an automated file of personal data, created by said company, titled Video Language Network, LLC. and administered under its exclusive responsibility, whose objective is the correct transmission of all information and products and administering of commercial relations between Video Language Network, LLC. and its customers and users, also the correct invoicing of products and/or services marketed through this website in accordance with the applicable law, and the correct consignment or dispatching of the order made in each case.

As such, Video Language Network, LLC guarantees all its users both the security and confidentiality of all personal data supplied to us, and only to use said personal data in accordance with the purpose for which it was collected.

2. Video Language Network, LLC. guarantees the client or user total fulfillment of the obligation of safekeeping, nondisclosure and confidentiality of all personal details which the client or user provides to Video Language Network, LLC. both during the relationship of contract and after it; adopting each and every one of the security measures established, in order to avoid loss of these, changes to these and unauthorized access or changes by third parties.

3.- It is obligatory to provide a name and email address in the data collection forms in order to purchase our products or to leave a comment on the website.

The fields marked with an asterisk are obligatory in order to create an on-line store account, as they are necessary for the formalization of a purchase agreement, the corresponding receipt or invoice, as well as being required for the correct execution of the features of the service or the dispatching of products by Video Language Network, LLC and include: first name, surname/last name, email address and country of residence of the customer or user. In the case of failure to supply the data specified as obligatory or the reluctance of the customer or user to provide this data, Video Language Network, LLC. will be unable to provide the products offered nor will it be able to invoice them. Consequently it is understood that the client or user does not intend to finalize and proceed with the contract.

4.- The current website collects statistical information for every user who accesses it, through the storing of a cookie or small quantity of information on the visitor’s hard drive; but, this cookie is absolutely anonymous, has a limited duration, cannot extract information from the hard drive of the user, and the information which it stores in the user’s computer will be automatically disassociated from the user from the first moment, and for that reason it cannot identify personally in any way the user referred to.

The information attained through cookies is used to acquire knowledge about visitors’ navigation of the present website with the objective of improving the system and increasing its effectiveness. When the user reconnects to the webpage, the server will recognize the anonymous information stored in the cookie. This information consists of: a) the date and time of the last connection to the website; and b) security elements which help to control access to restricted areas.

Without risk of damages, the user has the option of deactivating the cookies and preventing them from being generated, by modifying the configuration parameters of their navigation program, and selecting said option; this will not impede the correct viewing of all the pages on the website and will not interfere with the browsing experience.

5.- Video Language Network, LLC does not sell or share in any way its customer database.



©2010 Video Language Network, LLC.

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